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Muraya is a Swedish led interior design and construction company who have successfully expanded their business into the Asian market. They have been based in China since 2006 with the head office being based in Shanghai. Muraya’s successful rapid growth since 2006 has placed them among the top foreign interior design companies in China, with offices also in Beijing, Chengdu and Shenzhen.

I started working at Muraya Shanghai in 2012. My first task as in-house designer was to rebrand the company’s corporate profile. This included web design and digital marketing, posters, leaflets and all stationery, social media and copywriting. I quickly progressed within the company to work alongside the interior design team. I have worked on projects designing and constructing graphic murals and signage for offices such as H&M, SCA, Ascendas and Unilever etc.

At Muraya I was in charge of creating large scale graphic prints for various interior design projects that we were working on. Coming up with both the designs and the materials to use to best suit each situation and client. I also did several custom hand drawn murals working with a variety of materials, ranging from crayons, spray paint and acrylics. I learnt a lot about various printing techniques and which mediums work best with certain materials to achieve the best result.